Sisters of Maria Auxiliatrix No.226, M.M.C. Road, Madhavaram Chennai - 600060.

Aim and Objectives of the Society

  • To carry out pastoral and social activities among most disadvantaged rural and urban poor
  • To provide shelter for the orphans and the abandoned girl children
  • To work for the neglected and disadvantaged girls
  • To empower and concretize the marginalized and the illiterates, particularly the women folks, through awareness programs.
  • To concentrate among the rural and urban poor towards their economic improvements
  • Create a health and unhygienic society

Our Target Group:

  • Orphans & Semi Orphans - who have no one to take care, feed, educate and love.
  • Street children who are abandoned, neglected, deserted and thrown out from the families, found in streets, Railway stations, bus terminals, market places and etc.. They have been pushed and pulled to the metropolitan city of Chennai to fend for themselves.
  • Trafficked and Sexually Abused Girls - They are of our primary target group. We run a home where they are protected, cured and rejuvenated. We highly promote and lobby for the protection of vulnerable girl children in the slums and pavements.

  • Working children
    CHILD LABOURERS who are forced to work in small-scale industries, restaurants, lodges due to livelihood problems. They may live with their parents or live by themselves. They often work long hours for small pay

  • Pavement children
    who live with their parents without roof over their heads due to utter poverty and misery. They do not go to school; they do not have regular meals and in short left at the mercy of fate.

  • Children in distress
    who are sexually, physically and psychologically abused. They may be from any background rich or poor, educated or illiterate. We operate a toll free number for the city 1098 - Anyone can call us at any time of the day and we would rescue the children.

  • Children in disaster
    who are affected by natural calamities, epidemics etc. Now we have been giving special attention to the children of Tsunami.

  • Youth
    who were themselves child labourers, but continue to work in unskilled and untrained jobs. And for those youngsters who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

  • Women
    who are the mothers of Child labourers and those women who live under the poverty line due to lack of skill and employment. They often send their children to work to meet the livelihood problems.

  • Elderly
    who have no homes and abandoned by the sons, daughters and relatives. Offer them food and lodging and medical care to have a peace filled old age.