Sisters of Maria Auxiliatrix No.226, M.M.C. Road, Madhavaram Chennai - 600060.

Background of the Congregation -Sisters of Maria Auxilium

The Sisters of the Maria Auxiliatrix (SMA) is a diocesan congregation founded by Rev. Fr. M. C. Anthony SDB with a clear vision of serving the poor and the abandoned, in 1976. Special focus and attention was given to the poor girl children. Committed and dedicated sisters, who relentlessly work hard to moot the progress of the disadvantaged poor people, promote the well being of the underprivileged of the society, irrespective of the caste, creed and religion.

The distinct motto of the congregation is "To look after the poor and the abandoned young girls". In this line, it firmly believes that the poorest of the poor should be given fair chance to come to the forefront of the development and enjoy the fruits of life like any other human being. There are 118 professed sisters who committed their life for the poorest of the poor and as many as sixty more to be professed in the couple of years to take part in this noble cause. At present we have 31 convents of which 75% convents are at rural areas at 25% are among most disadvantaged slum dwellers.